Thursday, May 17, 2012

New News

So my biggest news is that I will soon be moving myself into a studio space in the Toowoomba CBD - in an exciting new venture: theGRID: hybrid arts collective.

theGRID will host and feature art, drama, circus, music, live music, dance and other amazing things.

I will be creating largescale wall drawings in the space, collaborating with other artists and a photographer / videographer, holding a solo exhibition and artist workshop/s and generally having fun doing what I love. I am excited to be involved with such a hub of artistic creation and collaboration, and can't wait to move in! (Just waiting on some building inspector grown-up type people).

My other news is that I am designing an EP cover and posters for a talented local acoustic singer / songwriter. Donnelle Brooks likes birds, so I am currently working on related imagery for the design. With a deadline for the EP to be completed by June 1, I will have to work quickly! Here's one of my initial sketches for brainstorming; a butterfly / owl hybrid. (Buttered owl, perhaps?) I will definitely post the finished design when it is, in fact, finished.

In other music news, in case you missed it, I designed the cover photo for Inigo's facebook page. Inigo have a beautiful sound, and I am sure they will go far, so it was really nice to be asked. Birds seem to be the theme of the moment now though!

Until next time, Danishhhhhhh

Thursday, April 5, 2012

first post.

welcome to danish quapoor art's blog.
here you will view images of my illustrations, collages and other brilliant things.

and here is a taste of my most recent work:

danish quapoor, swimming in bin juice, 2012, pen on paper, 24 x 32 cm.

until next time, danish.